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Our technical fluids of several varieties

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ГЛАВНАЯ » Our technical fluids of several varieties

For the current moment «Promsmazki» trading house offers to your attention technical fluids of several varieties: LCF (lubricating cooling fluids), industrial oils, construction lubricants, foundry binders, antibacterial additives, technical washing fluids. You will find the assortment below.


Emulsion LCF

Designed for cutting process, grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metals, for rolling of nonferrous metals, steel and alloys. Using of Emulsion LCF is possible as the working fluid of hydro systems of the industrial equipment. Widely known brands of LCF offered by our company: Укринол-1Укринол-1МЭмульсол ЭГТЭмульсол НГЛ-205Эмульсол СП-3Эмульсол ТАквол-2Аквол-6Экол-В12Экол-В11, mentioned items have high anticorrosion and lubricating properties and do not damage the lacquer coating  of  the machines or tools.


Synthetic LCF

Designed for cutting and abrasive machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals in individual and centralized systems of engineering industry: Экол-3Экол-А2Экол-А3Экол-А5Аквол-10М. Also used for the cool pressure treatment of steel, aluminum and its alloys and also for the preservation procedure of ferrous metals Экол-А7.


Semi Synthetic LCF

Аквол-11Экол-Б2 are designed for cutting and abrasive machining of  carbon, alloy steels, aluminum alloys. Provides high purity of the treated surfaces, decreases the deterioration of the cutting tool, has extraordinary anticorrosion and washing properties, and does not damage the lacquer coating of the machines or tools. 


Oily LCF

МР (МР-1УМР-2УМР-3МР-4МР-5УМР-6МР-7МР-10МР-11МР-99) series are designed for the    milling, deep drilling, threading, gear treatment of structural, carbon and alloy steels, the same processing operations are applicable  cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys; handling the blade corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels; threaded and gear grinding, shaving. LCF ОСМ-1 is used for honing, polishing, superfinishing ferrous and nonferrous metals; for processing alloyed steels and cast irons on the operations of drilling, reaming, milling and grinding  LCF ОСМ-3; for stamping copper and its alloys, the landing of piston rings LCF Укринол 5/5; for cutting and pressing the ferrous LCF Сульфофрезол


Hydraulic systems oils

Used as a working fluid of the hydraulic systems of metal-cutting machines, automatic lines, pressing machine and other types of industrial equipment. We offer to your attention the oils of following brands: ИЛС (ИЛС-5ИЛС-10ИЛС-22), серии ИГП (ИГП-4ИГП-6ИГП-8ИГП-18, ИГП-30ИГП-38ИГП-49ИГП-72ИГП-91ИГП-114ИГП-152ИГП-182), ВНИИНП-403.


Oils for slide ways

machine tools of ИНСп series (ИНСп-20ИНСп-40ИНСп-65ИНСп-110), ИГНЕ series (ИГНЕ-32ИГНЕ-68) are used to perform lubrication of horizontal and vertical slide ways rolling and moving parts, gears, lead screw nuts, for the light and moderate loaded and worm gears, hydrodynamic machine tools and guides for some units of textile machines.


Preservative oils

used in the factories of various industries for inter-operation protection and conservation of finished products. We offer preservative oils К-17.for ferrous and nonferrous metals to be delivered to you 


Oils for heavy machines

used for lubrication of all types of gear, worm and helical gears of various industrial equipment: metal cutting and wood processing machines, hammers, masher, casting and molding machines, winches, rolling mills, overhead cranes, conveyors, elevators, lifts, rotary kilns, calenders, paper machines, coal and other harvesters. We offer to supply well-known brands of oils for heavy machines of ИТД series (ИТД-32ИТД-68ИТД-100ИТД-150ИТД-220ИТД-460ИТД-680), ИРП series (ИРП-40ИРП-75,ИРП-150ИРП-85), ИСП series (ИСП-25ИСП-40ИСП-65ИСП-110), ИТП series (ИТП-200ИТП-300ИТП-500). 


Oils for rolling machines

Vapors (Вапор-13Вапор-25Вапор-30Вапор-45Вапор-50) are used together with the modern rolling machines that are equipped with circulating lubricating systems alongside the pipelines of big extension.


Cylinder oils

used for lubricating the hot parts of rolling machines (locomobiles, marine and stationary machines, steam hammers, headgears etc.). Cylinder oil should have good dispersibility, evenly distributed over an area of friction and should not form a deposit that is caused by resistance of the oil against oxidation by the atmospheric oxygen at high temperatures. That indicator depends on chemical consistency of the oil e.g. properties of raw material and the way it was got. Oil should not cause corrosion of the metallic surfaces and must keep flowability within low temperatures. We offer light cylinder oils (Ц-11Ц-24), and heavy (Ц-38Ц-52). 


Heat carrying oils

are used in closed heating systems excluding the possibility of oil contact (hot) with air. Мы предлагаем к поставке масло-теплоноситель АМТ-300


Turbine oils

(Тп-22Тп-22СТп-30Тп-40Тп-46) intended for the lubrication and cooling of turbine bearings of different turbine units: steam and gas turbines, hydro turbine, turbo compressor machines. Same oils are used as working fluids in the control systems of turbine units and in circulation and hydraulic systems of various industrial machinery.


Compressor oils

(Кп-8СКС-19К2-24К3-10К3-20К4-20) are designed for lubrication of piston and rotary compressors and turbo compressor machine. 


Hardening oils

МЗМ (МЗМ-16МЗМ-26МЗМ-120МЗМ-150) series are used to harden the environments and have high chemical sustainability does not decompose in the process and not react with the metal hardened products.


Construction lubricants

Used in the production of concrete goods and monolithic housing we offer you Экол ЭКС (Экол ЭКСЭкол ЭКС-1Экол ЭКС-2Экол ЭКС-3,Экол ЭКС-4). These lubricants allow to reach the high quality of products and completely replace foreign import analogs. Well known Эмульсол ЭКС-А и Эмульсол ЭКС-М are also available for sale. 


Foundry binder

(connecting) used to produce shapes and rods in foundry. We offer for supply the most popular items regularly used by the customers- organic binders of heat solidification СКТ-10УСК-1КО4ГУ


Antibacterial additives

for business using water-miscible cooling lubricants we offer antibacterial additive Экол-БИО. The additive prevents an appearance of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in water systems, microbiological devastation of LCF components as the result the extension of exploitation period of LCF and improvement of the sanitary-hygienically conditions of the working process. 


Technical washing fluids

for auto companies and assembly plants we offer technical detergents Экол МС for degreasing, removal of the LCF and oily soil, as well as the removal of oil conservation. 


According to your demand or an application we will provide you an additional technical info: Technical Conditions, GOST, OST, hygienically certificate, certificate of accordance, quality passports, user’s manuals, feedbacks regarding the product and acts proving the fact of successful testing of the products.


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